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LAVA Buoyancy Shorts Special


LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS are the ultimate swim-training tool and are a must for swimmers and triathletes of all levels. LAVA Shorts lift your hips to simulate the same body position of a wetsuit. LAVA BUOYANCY Shorts, which are neoprene buoyancy shorts, assist in creating proper technique and allow you to focus on speed.

SPECS - 5 mm premium neoprene on the front and back.  Drawstring to get a snug fit.  Ends just above knee for an optimized length and leg opening.

BEGINNERS - Beginner swimmers will love the extra and immediate buoyancy that the LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS give you the second you put them on.  You will immediately be faster in the water, and have a much-better body position from the moment you enter the water.

INTERMEDIATE - LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS are ideal for shorter speed and technique sets as well as cool-down.  The shorts are above the knee thereby allowing for natural flip turns.  For long swim sets, or for recovery swims, consider the LAVA PANTS which provide additional buoyancy above and beyond what the shorts provides due to the extra leg length.

ADVANCED - LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS can be used for both speed and recovery swims. For speed sets, LAVA BUOYANCY Shorts will allow you to train at faster interval paces. For recovery sets, you will be able to focus on correct swimming form without exerting too much energy.

This training “wetsuit” offers race-level buoyancy and a natural range of motion at every training session, which over time improves technique and pacing while building muscle memory. Dynamic design makes LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS comfortable to train in, do flip-turns, and easy to change into and out of. The waistband is low-cut in the front and rides higher in the back, allowing for natural breathing and comfortable flip turns without concern of losing your suit. LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS are easy to put on in or out of the water, for a quick transition from warm up to work out to cool down. Made for the pool but are also ideal for open water swims.

LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS are a wetsuit and can only be worn in races that permit wetsuits. Always check with the race director prior to using the LAVA BUOYANCY SHORTS in competition.

WARNING - 1) these are addictive; 2) rinse well because chlorine will decrease their life; and 3) don't let them dry in the heat and inside out.


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