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XTERRA WETSUITS will process your return provided that the product is returned in like-new condition without any damage. No exchanges. Refunds only. Customer is responsible for all freight charges for any return.

Please email hello@xterrawetsuitseurope.com with your order number to receive complete return instructions.

 Returns must be received without any damage or tears. (Most wetsuit tears occur when trying the wetsuit on and not from swimming)

Product returns must be returned within 30-days from the date the product arrived at your destination.  Since you are returning the product to San Diego, California in the USA, product must be postmarked and/or shipped back within 30 days along with the proper paperwork inside the box. Any product returned outside of the 30-day return window will not be accepted.

Again, please remember to be careful when trying on the wetsuit. Triathlon wetsuits rarely tear when swimming. Small tears are more common when trying on the wetsuit especially if you pull with force and/or have sharp nails. Tears are not a defect and torn wetsuits are not allowed to be returned under any circumstances.

Please keep in mind that triathlon wetsuits are designed for swimming and will expand in the water. (The suit may feel a bit tight and uncomfortable standing in your living room). 

If you need a different size or model, please purchase a new wetsuit online and return your original purchase for a refund. Customer is responsible for all freight charges on any return.

 Use this link for new purchases: https://xterrawetsuitseurope.com/pages/weekly-specials

 Complete return conditions: 

  • The original purchaser of the item must submit the return. 
  • Returns must be sent back clean, dry, properly folded, and in like-new condition without any damage or tears. 
  • Return must be returned within 30-days from the date the product was received.  
  • The item has not been permanently altered or used for anything other than its intended purpose. 
  • Name has not been written inside the suit and/or any other alterations. Suit must be returned in like-new condition to qualify for a return. 
  • Product returned with any damage or tear will not be refunded. All wetsuits must be returned in like-new condition.
  • VALID REFUNDS ARE FOR THE PRODUCT AMOUNT ONLY. WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING COST and/or any taxes or duties you may have paid to receive the item.
  • All sale items are shipped brand-new and have never been tried on and/or used by another customer. In other words, you are receiving a brand-new wetsuit.
  • Customer is responsible for all freight charges and/or applicable duties and taxes on all returns and new replacement purchases.