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XTERRA WETSUITS are warranted against manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required and is only applicable to the original owner of a new wetsuit and is not transferable.

Manufacturing defects covered under the one-year limited warranty include seam separations caused by a defect. Any seam which separates all the way through on both the inside and outside of the wetsuit is not considered a defect in manufacturing.

XTERRA WETSUITS retains the right to determine whether damage is caused by normal wear and tear, non-manufacturing issues, accidents, misuse, improper care and/or negligence. All of these are not manufacturing defects, and this is not an exhaustive list.

XTERRA WETSUITS also retains the right to approve or reject warranty claims at their discretion; refunds are not an option for approved warranty claims. If your warranty is approved, your suit will be repaired only. XTERRA WETSUITS will repair at no charge any warranty claim that is deemed by the company to have been a defect in manufacturing. Customer is responsible for all freight charges to and from for the repair.


  • Seam failures caused by manufacturing defects. Seams that have separated on both sides are considered a tear and not a defect in manufacturing.


  • Neoprene tears and punctures, including but not limited to pinch, pressure or fingernail tears
  • Melting of fabric or neoprene due to sun or heat exposure
  • Heel tears (tears caused by forcefully putting on or taking your suit off to the extent that your heel, finger or anything else punctures the suit)
  • Damage caused by chlorine (degradation of the gluing in the suit is the most common chlorine-caused damage) or chlorinated water
  • Degradation or de-lamination of fabric, thread, neoprene or foam from exposure to chlorine, bromine, pool chemicals or other chemicals
  • Zipper detachment or zipper-tooth breakage
  • Failures due to overuse or normal wear and tear
  • Seams that have separated on both sides
  • Discoloration of neoprene due to sun exposure or excessive use


  • Using your XTERRA Wetsuit for any activity other than open Water Triathlon Swimming and/or General Open Water Swimming
  • Altering the wetsuit in any way, including writing your name in the wetsuit, silk screening, heat transferring, embroidery, surface treatments, altering, modifications and/or cutting.
  • Damage caused by using petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or any other petroleum-based product or unapproved lubricant, cleaner or treatment. 
  • Improper cleaning, handling or storage.Delamination or damaged caused by a washing machine or a dryer
  • Prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, chlorine, and other harsh substances.



LAVA SHORTS and LAVA PANTS are covered under warranty for 90-days from the date of purchase. All information regarding warranty claims on wetsuits applies to Lava Pants and Lava Shorts apart from the duration of the warranty.